Boker Scout Anniversary- Ironwood- Limited Edition of 300


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Could anyone have predicted that 30 years ago the Ulrich Look designed lockback, by Boker, would enjoy three decades of success as one of the most popular and stable knives in the Boker lineup.

In the past, many designs in the knife industry enjoy a limited run, losing steam after a few years, but the Boker Scout just keeps chugging along, not affected by trends or fashions so common today in all industries.

Moccasin Creek is celebrating this milestone with Boker Knives, Boker is producing a limited run of this pattern, featuring an array of different handle materials with polished N690 blade steel and capped off with a special anniversary shield. Limited to just 300 pieces of each model. Blade length: 3 1/8″. Overall length: 7 1/4″. Weight: 5.6 oz.


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