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When you are out in the wild, what happens in nature can be unpredictable, forcing you to need more than just your survival skills. Great quality gear will support those skills, and keep you safe.

Here at Moccasin Creek, we offer a wide variety of durable, tough and extremely useful survival equipment. Whether you will be using these survival items regularly or plan to save them for an emergency situation, Moccasin Creek wants to make very sure you are prepared for anything.

By establishing strong partnerships with many of the top manufacturers in the survival field, Moccasin Creek is able to offer customers a wide selection of different survival products. These include items such as paracord, MREs, emergency blankets, fire starters, water products, knives and sharpeners, flashlights and signal devices and so much more.

If you enjoy minimalist camping or even want serious protection in case of any recreational disasters, Moccasin Creek offers a great selection of quality personal survival gear. Lightweight, durable, and reliable, our survival gear products will definitely be there when you need them.

Also check out the array of cases, bags and waterproof containers available here on the site. They can offer protection for storage of your survival gear, and be ready to grab should Unexpected conditions and accidents happen, and suddenly you are in a survival situation.

Moccasin Creek also offers a number of prepared kits which combine many of these mentioned items, creating an all-in-one package so the customer will have all the survivalist essentials when they need them.

The philosophy of Moccasin Creek has always been one which we feel is contrary to the way most businesses our size and type tend to conduct their operation.

Moccasin Creek believes survival equipment is something that everyone should have, and receive no greater feeling of satisfaction than when one of our customers writes to tell us how the equipment they obtained from Moccasin Creek prevented a difficult situation from becoming a dangerous survival situation.

From the stories our customers share, Moccasin Creek uses the information to improve and adjust out product lines. In some cases that results in new products being added while in other situations, like with the Adventurer Series Survival Equipment offerings, modifying items so they will potentially provide even better life saving support.

To our customers, all this care for detail results in Moccasin Creek choosing to sell quality products at a lower price, thus helping everyone to be able to purchase the basic survival gear they are looking for, and even more. Customer needs differ depending on their location and the survival situations they might face, and Moccasin Creek is here to assist you in every way.

Moccasin Creek welcomes comments or suggestions from everyone, because all of your information and feedback will help to improve our business so we continue to grow to meet your needs.